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Notes for object SN 1991N

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1. 2001AJ....121.1648M
Re:SN 1991N
SN 1991N. - The BASS found SN 1991N on 1991 March 29 at magnitude 15 in
NGC 3310 (Perlmutter et al. 1991). It was classified as a Type Ic (possibly
Type Ib; Filippenko 1991c). This SN is superposed on a very bright H II
region. The recession velocity derived from the narrow emission lines of
the H II region is 1190 km s^-1^, while that of NGC 3310 is listed as
980 km s^-1^. Figure 10 shows our spectra of SN 1991N. The photospheric
spectra are relatively smooth in the range 6000-7500 A, where most of the
distinctive He I lines are found, indicating that this is definitely an
SN Ic. The spectra of SN 1991N are heavily contaminated by starlight, as
indicated by the very blue late-time spectra.

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