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Notes for object SN 1991X

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1. 1996AJ....112.2094G
Re:SN 1991X
SN 1991X in NGC 4902
This supernova was reported by McNaught (1991b) and classified as a type Ia
supernova around its maximum brightness (Della Valle & Leisy, 1991). Figure 1
shows our SN 1991X spectrum where it can be observed some prominent emission
blends as, e.g., those found at {lambda}{lambda}~5500 A (F), 5800 A (G), and
6500 A (I), that are usually present in type Ia supernova spectra around one
month old (see for comparison, e.g., the second spectra of SNe 1991M in Fig. 9
and 1992ac in Fig. 7). We have assigned to this spectrum a phase of 30 days. We
used this spectrum to obtain an estimation of the SN 1991X visual luminosity at
this phase. From the spectrum, we derived V~16.5 (M_v_~-16.3 for H_0_ 75
km s^-1^ Mpc^-1^). This luminosity is comparable with that of SN 1991M at a
similar evolutionary phase (Ford et al. 1993).

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