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Notes for object SN 1992G

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1. 1997MNRAS.290..663B
Re:SN 1992G
2.3 SN 1992G
The NIR spectrum of SN 1992G was obtained using the 75 line mm^-1^ grating and
58x62 pixel array at three wavelength settings to cover the wavelength range
1.0-1.8 microns. A 1-pixel-wide slit (3 arcsec) was used, oriented at a
position angle of 21^deg^. The J band was covered on day 39, and the H band on
day 40. Atmospheric OH lines were used to calibrate the wavelength scale. The
flux standard was BS 4078. No contemporary optical spectra were available.
However, in Fig. 3 we show a day-17 spectrum taken by R. Lopez and G. Gomez
using the Faint Object Specrograph (FOS) on the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT).
We obtained the spectrum from the La Palma Data Archive in unreduced from. We
reduced the spectrum using the FIGARO data reduction package (Shortridge 1995).
CuAr or CuNe are lamp spectra were used for wavelength calibration, and the
spectrophotometric standard star, G 138-31, provided flux calibration. The
spectral coverage and resolution is given in Table 3. The optical spectrum
suggests that SN 1992G was, spectroscopically at least, a normal Type Ia SN.

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