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Notes for object UGC 05849

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 05849
Seyfert 1.

2. 2000A&A...355...99B
Re:MRK 1261
G Mrk1261: Galaxy members of this flat/red continuum group are IC 1586,
a blue elliptical compact with H and K absorption lines and sharp
emission lines of HI as well as [O II]{lambda}3727, and NGC 118, a
spherical compact with a blue disc (Zwicky 1971).
According to the stellar population synthesis (Table 4), the flat/red
UV spectrum of G Mrk1261 can be explained essentially by a dominant
(~ 67%) flux contribution from the old bulge population and a
significant contribution from the HII region component (~ 15%) together
with a noticeable amount of reddening, E(B - V) = 0.07. The presence of
enhanced star formation in the galaxies forming this group can be traced
by the ~ 31% flux contribution from young components (age < 500 Myr). We
emphasize, however, that G Mrk1261, which contains isolated galaxies, is
the group with the smallest flux contribution from young stellar
populations among the present sample. In Fig. 9, top panel, we show the
spectrum of G Mrk1261 corrected with the SMC extinction law and
E(B - V) = 0.07, along with the corresponding synthesis.

3. 1975ByuO...47....1A
Re:ARK 253
Compact elliptical blue object with faint blue satellite.
Component of the triple system Holmberg 211.

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 05849
Bright main body 0.55 x 0.35
Extremely faint outer parts, hints of spiral pattern?
Stellar object 0.1 x 0.1 at 0.45 north-north-preceding

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