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Notes for object ESO 318- G 013

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2002ApJS..141..123W
Re:ESO 318- G 013
ESO 318G013. Identified by Schmidt & Boller (1992) as a Local Group
galaxy on the basis of radial velocity. Our image (R, V, and I
combined) shows a lumpy spindle, possibly beginning to resolve;
however, an H{alpha} image shows that the brightest of the knots are
H II regions. It is therefore well outside the Local Group. A
superimposed star is probably responsible for a misleading radial
velocity. (The bright H{alpha} regions should provide a good optical
radial velocity for any observers who care to take up the challenge.)

2. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:SGC 104525-3835.4
Plate 1380
star superposed near nucleus, patchy, very faint extension.

3. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 104525-3835.4
=ESO 318- G 13
small companion 4.0 north following

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