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Notes for object NGC 3442

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2005A&A...442..137N
Re:UGC 06001
Due to the poor resolution and resulting beam-smearing in our observations of
UGC 6001 (NGC 3442), the method described in Sect. 3.5 to derive the velocity
field is inadequate and fails to recover the projected rotational velocities of
the gas.

2. 2001AJ....121.2483U
Re:NGC 3442
NGC 3442. - Several H II regions are seen around the nucleus in the
H{alpha} image. In the spectral data, the peak of the H{alpha} emission is
offset to the nucleus.

3. 2001A&A...378..370V
Re:NGC 3442
NGC 3442: our Nancay profile parameters agree well with those of 4 of the
5 available Arecibo profiles; the integrated line flux measured at Arecibo
by Magri (1994) is about 3 times larger (9.1 Jy km s^-1^), though the
profile's central velocity and linewidth are consistent the other

4. 1998AJ....116.2166U
Re:NGC 3442
This galaxy is small and less luminous. No feature is seen in the
R-band image. In the H{alpha} image, two discrete H II regions are seen
across the nucleus.

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