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Notes for object NGC 3597

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1. 2002ApJS..143...47D
Re:IRAS 11122-2327
IRAS 11122-2327 (NGC 3597).---This is a merger remnant which displays
a small tidal tail to the west of the galaxy in H{alpha}. The tail can
not be seen in the R-band image, indicating that star formation is
currently occurring in the tail. Three tails have been observed in CO
images by Wiklind, Combes, & Henkel (1995). This galaxy has been
classified optically as H II region--like by Kewley et al. (2001b) and
Veilleux et al. (1995), and no compact radio core was detected by
Norris et al. (1990) to a sensitivity limit of 1 mJy.

2. 1995A&A...297..643W
Re:NGC 3597
NGC 3597. This is a merger remnant with a luminosity profile which
follows a de Vaucouleurs r^1/4^ law (Taniguchi et al. 1990; Lutz 1991).
It has three plumes, indicating a gravitational interaction where two
objects have already merged into a single body. NGC3597 has an infrared
excess in the L-band (Lutz 1991) as well as a L_FIR_/L_B_ ratio ~ 10
times higher than normal isolated spiral galaxies. The absence of an
active nucleus and optical line emission from the inner region, with a
typical starburst nature, indicate that the FIR excess is powered by an
enhanced star formation activity. NGC 3597 seems to be in the process of
being transformed into an inconspicuous elliptical galaxy of moderate
luminosity. Star formation in the inner region will create a high central
density and phase space density of stars. We detect 3 x 10^9^ M_sun_ of
H_2_ gas in NGC 3597 using the SEST telescope. The CO(J = 1-0) velocity
width is 330 km s^-1^, which is ~100 km s^-1^ higher than the width of
the H{alpha} profile from the central region of the galaxy (Armus et al.
1989). NGC 3597 has also been detected in the CO(J = 1-0) line by van
Driel & van den Broeck (1991). They observed an integrated CO intensity
of 6.5K km s^-1^ (T_mb_), which is similar to our 6.9 K km s^-1^.

3. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:NGC 3597
Plate 2346
Overexposed center with dist corona, extremely faint plumes and loops
primarily south-preceding. Several faint knots seen.

4. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 111214-2327.4
=ESO 503- G 03
asymmetric envelope

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