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Notes for object NGC 4137

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1. 2002AstL...28..579K
Re:NGC 4137
NGC 4137. The satellite in this system has a very peculiar spectrum. It
consists of two components separated by a small gap. The difference of
the radial velocities of these components reaches 200 km s-^1^. The
rotation curve of the satellite consists of two branches, which
correspond to these components. The rotation curve has a very large
central gradient dV_r_/dr. The rotation curve of the primary galaxy has
velocity maxima of about V_r_ = 70 km s^-1^ and, on the whole, a
symmetric shape. The UGC (Falco et al. 2000) gives a velocity of
11218+/-58 km s^-1^ for the center of the primary galaxy, which is
close enough to our result. No published rotation curves could be found
in the literature.

2. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4137
See also H.A., 105, 231, 1937.

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