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Notes for object NGC 5668 GROUP

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1. 1996AJ....112..937D
Re:LGG 386
19: Vennik 91(1/2/0/3). (part of Garcia 386; NGC 5638 group) We detect a disk
centered on UGC 9310 (Sdm) extending over ~4'. UGC 9285 (Sc) was also
detected. No H I was detected from either NGC 5638 (E) or NGC 5636 (S0/a). We
detect a weak H I signal at 1427+0333 that appears to have no visual
counterpart on the Palomar plates. There is some chance that this signal could
be caused by sidelobe confusion with UGC 9310, but we remapped the immediate
vicinity of this source with a 1.9' spacing, and the signal appears to be
confirmed at this position only. On the Palomar plates there are some faint
and probably background objects located off-center from the H I signal;
without more detailed H I observations we cannot definitively rule them out,
but they appear unlikely to be the source of the H I signal. Follow-up optical
and H I synthesis observations are clearly needed.

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