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Notes for object SN 2000C

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1. 2003PASP..115....1V
Re:SN 2000C
3.8. SN 2000C in NGC 2415
SN 2000C was independently discovered by S. Foulkes and
M. Migliardi (Foulkes et al. 2000). It was classified as an
SN Ic by Cappellaro et al. (2000) and Jha et al. (2000). We
measure the SN position from a galaxy background-subtracted
KAIT image as {alpha} = 07h36m57.11, {delta} = +35deg14'39.0,
with uncertainty +/-0.2". This position agrees, to within the
errors, more with that measured by Migliardi than with that
measured originally by Li.
We (GO-8602) obtained a F555W 700 s Snapshot image (in
a cosmic-ray split pair) on 2001 March 11. The host galaxy
was also imaged by GO-6862 on 1997 May 19 in F547M (700 s),
F656N (600 s), and F814W (560 s), and by GO-9124 on
2002 May 3 in F300W (600 s). We applied the 2MASS astrometric
grid directly to the unsaturated and partially saturated
stars on the F555W mosaic, with a total uncertainty of +/-0.5"
in the SN position on the mosaic. Figure 11 shows this position
on the PC chip. Within the error circle is a point source with
relatively high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), which is almost
certainly the SN at late times, with
m_F555W_ = 22.74 +/- 0.07 mag. We can be confident of the
SN identification, since this object is seen on both of the
cosmic-ray splits and is not seen in the pre-SN F547M image of
similar depth (Fig. 12) or in the F814W PC images. The SN is
not detected on the F300W WF3 chip on 2002 May 3 to
m_F300W_ >~ 22.9 mag (however, the star cluster to the west of
the SN is quite bright in this band). In neither the F547M nor
the F814W image is a progenitor candidate detected, to
V >~ 25.1 and V-I <~ 1.3 mag. For a distance of about 60 Mpc
and Galactic A_V_ = 0.14 mag, this corresponds to
M_V_^0^ >~ -8.9 and (V-I)^0^ <~ 1.2 mag for a progenitor.
SN 1998Y, which was discovered by Li et al. (1998) using
KAIT and classified as an SN II by Filippenko, Leonard, &
Riess (1998), also occurred in this host galaxy. Because of
poor seeing, the faintness of the SN, and high galactic
background in the KAIT images, it is difficult to obtain a good
centroid for the SN in order to accurately determine its
position. From a relatively crude position and its proximity
to SN 2000C (within 2), we know that the SN site is also on
the Snapshot image (PC chip). We have very carefully subtracted
the light of the pre-SN F547M image from that of the Snapshot
image and inspected a circular region with radius 60 pixels
centered on the SN 2000C position (60 pixels on the PC chip
is 3), but we could not locate SN 1998Y. It must have faded
below detectability by 2001 March. (It should be noted that
the subtraction very nicely reveals SN 2000C.) The limit on
the brightness of SN 1998Y in 2001 March is V >~ 25.9 mag.
We did not try to locate the SN 1998Y progenitor in any of the
pre-SN images, owing to the crude position.

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