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Notes for object NGC 3640

7 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2000A&AS..144...53K
Re:NGC 3640
For this E2 galaxy the photometric data are from Goudfrooij et al.
(1994). The data were extrapolated towards the center using a power-law
to match the extent of the kinematic data; the fitted slope is -0.46.

2. 1994A&AS..105..481M
Re:NGC 3640
NGC 3640: This object is faintly boxy according to BDM88, but a
further decrease of e_4_ up to -0.02 occurs in the range l = 50-60
arcsec. It is nevertheless a fast oblate rotator (see NB89).

3. 1994A&AS..105..341G
Re:NGC 3640
Small dust lane along the minor axis, previously reported by Prugniel et
al. (1988}). The H{alpha}+[NII] image shows a marginal detection of line
emission from the central region.

4. 1994A&AS..104..179G
Re:NGC 3640
Fairly regular elliptical with deviations from ellipses up to 1%,
probably due to faint stellar disk tilted with respect to the major axis.
Radio source. Companion galaxy NGC 3641 was modelled and subtracted from
the image before the model fit.

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3640
Pair with NGC 3641 at 2.5 arcmin
In the NGC 3630-3645 Group.

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 06368
E3 (de Vaucouleurs)
Paired with UGC 06370 at 2.5, 170

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3640
Small, bright, diffuse nucleus.
Non-interacting pair with NGC 3641 at 2.5 arcmin.
In the NGC 3630-3645 Group.
Lund 9 and HA 88, 2 dimensions are for the bright part only.

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