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Notes for object NGC 3672

8 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1998PASJ...50..427S
Re:NGC 3672
NGC 3672: The nuclear component shows a compact, slowly rotating core,
followed by a rigid-rotation feature of the PV diagram. The rotation
velocity attains a maximum at R ~ 35", and then, it is almost flat. The
HNR has a nearly constant value for H II regions.

2. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 3672
Hubble Atlas, p. 30
April 1/2, 1981
103aO + GG385
45 min
Although the spiral pattern here has multiple
arms, it is not filamentary (flocculent;
Elmegreen and Elmegreen 1982, 1987) but rather
is of the grand design; four rather ill-defined
arms start near the center and wind outward to
cover the disk.
The redshift is v_o = 1633 km/s.

3. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3672
Non-interacting pair with anonymous SAO+
at 13.5 arcmin north-north-following
IC 0688 at 20 arcmin preceding.

4. 1974UGCA..C...0000N
Re:UGCA 235
UGCA 235:
= NGC 3672
SA(s)c (RC1)

5. 1968MCG4..C...0000V
Re:MCG -02-29-028
Sand - Sc
Morg - aS4 and afS5
vdB - Sb+ II
deV - SA(s)c
Photo: Sand - nucleus is less than 3 arcsec in size and
the width of the arm is 3 arcsec.
Obvious to us is the fact that the counterclockwise arm looks
very different than the others.

6. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3672
Small, bright nucleus. Pseudo (r): 0.7 arcmin x 0.3 arcmin. Many
filamentary, knotty arms. Lund 9 dimensions are for the bright part only.
Non-interacting pair with anonymous SA0+ at 13.5 arcmin north-north-following.
Non-interacting pair with IC 0688 at 20 arcmin preceding.

7. 1961Hubbl.B...0000S
Re:NGC 3672
Jan. 6/7, 1946
60 min
Enlarged 5.0X
NGC 3672 has multiple arms which begin from a very
small nucleus. The nucleus is smaller than the seeing
disk on the original negative, which was about 3 sec of arc.
The arms are very thin and well defined in NGC 3672. lf the
distance modulus is (m-M) = 32.0, the angular width of 3
sec of arc for the brightest arm sweeping through the
northeast to the southeast quadrant corresponds to 370
parsecs. These are very narrow arms compared with the
arms in most other galaxies. They do compare with the
arms in NGC 0488.

8. 1956AJ.....61...97H
Re:NGC 3672
HMS Note No. 113
Faint nebular spectrum confused with strong night-sky spectrum.
Redshift uncertain.

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