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Notes for object MRK 0423

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1. 2000MNRAS.317..907J
Re:MRK 0423
3.5 Mk 423
Mk 423 is classified in the literature as a type 1.9 Seyfert galaxy
(Osterbrock 1981). Our spectra confirm that H{beta} has no broad
This galaxy is interacting with a nearby companion (Malkan et al.
1998). In the literature it is often included among Markarian galaxies
with multiple nuclei (e.g. Nordgren et al. 1995). Mk 423 and its
companion both have extended emission line regions seen in [O III] and
H{alpha} (Rudy, Cohen & Puetter 1985). Our blue spectrum of the
companion suggests an H II galaxy classification. The radio core of
Mk 423 is partially resolved (Ulvestad 1986).
One interesting feature in the spectrum of this galaxy is the broad
absorption wings of H{beta} that suggest the presence of young
main-sequence stars. Rudy et al. (1985) found a moderately strong
ultraviolet continuum in the 1200-2000 A spectrum but no signs of broad
emission lines. This ultraviolet continuum emission could be produced by
the same young stars that produce the broad absorption wings of H{beta}.

2. 1999ApJ...516...97N
Re:Mrk 0423
Mrk 423: This galaxy is not listed in UGC or ESO. RC3 lists log
R_25_ = 0.23 but does not give a major axis P.A. DSS images show an
extension in P.A. 58^deg^ at an extent of about 1' x 0.5'. The extension
appears to be a pair of spiral arms and the image is not deep enough to
determine a major axis P.A. for the putative disk.

3. 1996ApJS..102..309M
Re:MRK 0423
Mrk 423 shows remarkable structure in both the continuum and emission-line
images. The [O III] emission is strongest on the nucleus, but there is an
elongated extension to the south. This extension is even more prominent in
H{alpha}. A similar feature is apparent in the red continuum image (a green
continuum was not obtained). In fact, the off-nuclear H{alpha} peak coincides
with an off-nuclear peak in the continuum image.

4. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:[RC2] A1124+35
= MRK 0423
Weak Seyfert.
Ast. Tsirk., No. 798, 1973.
Astrofizika, 10, 315, 1974.

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