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Notes for object NGC 3705

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1. 2007ApJS..173..538T
Re:NGC 3705
NGC 3705 (Fig. 16.17).-Belonging to the Leo I group, this SAB(r)ab; LINER H II
galaxy has faint discrete XUV complexes east and west of the disk superimposed
on a more diffuse component in our NUV-only GALEX imagery, although it is
difficult to "confirm" even with SDSS images. Although it lives in a group
environment, NGC 3705 is not currently interacting according to the tidal
perturbation parameter. This is a somewhat marginal XUV-disk, as the UV
structure is limited in nature.

2. 2002ApJS..142..223F
Re:NGC 3705
NGC 3705. There is no NVSS detection of this source. Condon (1987),
1.4 GHz observations at 54" resolution show a 21 mJy northwest-southeast
elongated source. At the same resolution, 10.7 GHz observations measure
a 10 mJy source (Niklas et al. 1995). The 15 GHz, 4", and 0.2" resolution
observations of Nagar et al. (2000) give an upper limit of 1.2 mJy to
any compact scale radio emission.

3. 2002A&A...388...50F
Re:NGC 3705
The Type III classification of this PV diagram mostly results
from the centrally-peaked radial profile of the integrated flux
of the [O III]{lambda}5007 line, which gives the impression of
a steep central component superimposed on a slowly-rotating

4. 2001A&A...368...16M
Re:NGC 3705
25. NGC 3705 is a regular Sb spiral of medium inclination and with thin
outer arms. A bright star 9" NW of the centre disturbs the residuum. This
star was masked for the fitting procedure.

5. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 3705
Hubble Atlas, p. 21
April 3/4, 1981
103aO + GG385
46 min
The outer arms of NGC 3705 begin from an inner near-ring of high
surface brightness which, as usual, is the near-overlaying of two
opposite tightly wound inner spiral arms. The near-ring contains small
HII regions and interspersed dust lanes. The pattern is similar to
that of NGC 4274 (Sa; panels 66, 88), but NGC 3705 is later in the
classification sequence because the central bulge is smaller.
The outer arms are thin and very well defined; hence the
high-luminosity-class assignment is appropriate.

6. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3705
= Holm 259a
Pair with Holm 259b,c at 8.6 arcmin and 7.5 arcmin

7. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 06498
SAB(r)ab (de Vaucouleurs)
Possible member of M 66 subgroup in Leo group
See UGC 06474

8. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 3705
= Holm 259a
Pair with 2 anonymous galaxies (= Holm 259b,c) at 8.6 arcmin and 7.5 arcmin,
Small, bright nucleus with a bright star nearby in a broad diffuse bar.
(r): 1.2 arcmin x 0.5 arcmin. Several faint, knotty arms with faint outer
Lund 9 dimensions are for the bright part only.

9. 1961Hubbl.B...0000S
Re:NGC 3705
Mar. 7/8, 1948
30 min
Enlarged 4.0X
The internal ring resembles the similar feature in NGC 4274
(Sa, pg. 12). As in NGC 4274, the ring is probably two overlapping
spiral arms which just miss each other after a half
revolution. The outer arms are of lower surface brightness
than the ring. They either start at the ring or are a
continuation of the ends of the arms composing the ring.
In this respect also NGC 3705 is similar to NGC 4274.

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