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Notes for object NGC 3758

2 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2008A&A...484..341R
Re:NGC 3758
(Mkn 739) For this double-nuclei Seyfert I/starburst galaxy a low flux of <60
mJy is measured.

2. 1999A&AS..135..437G
Re:MRK 0739
Mark 739 has a double nucleus (Petrosian et al. 1978). The eastern
nucleus has a Seyfert 1 spectrum (Petrosian et al. 1979; Netzer et al.
1987). The western component, Mark 739W, has a starburst spectrum
according to Netzer et al.; however, Rafanelli et al. (1993) have
remarked that H{beta} is unresolved with a resolution of 130 km s^-1^,
while the [O III] lines are significantly broader (~300 km s^-1^ FWHM).
Our observations show that this spectrum is indeed "composite" with a
Seyfert 2 nucleus and a H II region and, in addition, a weak broad
H{alpha} component.

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