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Notes for object NGC 3860

4 note(s) found in NED.

1. 2004AJ....127.3273V
Re:UGC 06718
UGC 6718: No H I in AGC archive; use Giovanelli & Haynes (1985; lesser
quality than reprocessing of archive data).

2. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 06718
CGCG 097-125 at RA = 11 44 54.91, DEC = +19 46 34.6 also appears to
contribute to F11422+2003.

3. 2002A&A...384..383I
Re:CGCG 097-120
The field around galaxies CGCG 97-114, CGCG 97-120 and CGCG 97-125 deserves
special attention. Each one of them shows H{alpha} emission. However
CGCG 97-120 is not listed in Table 4 because its radial velocity,
5595 km s^-1^, (de Vaucouleurs 1991) is out of the transmitance window of
the on-band filter. Instead, CGCG 97-114 and CGCG 97-125 have very similar
velocities lying in our filter range: 8293 km s^-1^ (de Vaucouleurs 1991)
and 8271 km s^-1^ (Haynes et al. 1997) respectively. If these galaxies
form a sub-group within Abell 1367 ( = 6500 km s^-1^), this entity
must have a very high velocity dispersion. The group coincides in position
with the X-ray cluster center (Donnelly et al. 1998). CGCG 97-120 is a
very H I deficient galaxy (def(H I) = 0.9, Chincarini et al. 1983),
indicating that it has passed through the cluster center, while
CGCG 97-125 is not (def(H I) = -0.21, Haynes et al. 1997). No H I
measurement is available for CGCG 97-114, because it lies close (in space
and in velocity) to CGCG 97-125.

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 06718
In a dense part of the cluster (Abell 1367), several small galaxies in vicinity

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