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Notes for object NGC 3883

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1. 1994A&AS..103....5A
Re:NGC 3883
NGC 3883: This galaxy has an anemic appearance (as defined by van den
Bergh 1976) it is also very red although very HI rich (Schommer & Bothun,
1983). It has been mapped in HI by van der Hulst et al. (1987).
The H{alpha} emission is very patchy. As a consequence the velocity
field exhibits a large number of uncertain (dashed) isovelocity lines.
Nevertheless the rotation curve is well defined for radii > 25"; no
H{alpha} could be detected inside this radius.
This galaxy exhibits a clear warp (see the continuum isophotes of Fig.
1) with PA = 45^deg^ for the isophotes of the inner disk and PA = 53^deg^
for the outermost isophotes. The latter value was adopted for our
rotation curve in order to minimize the dispersion in the outer part.

2. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 06754
Bright slightly elongated nuclear region, faint disk, thin filamentary arms

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