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Notes for object NGC 4045

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1. 2008MNRAS.388..500E
Re:UGC 07021
UGC 7021 (NGC 4045, NGC 4046). The H{alpha} emission of this barely barred
galaxy is found along the inner ring and at the centre. No diffuse H{alpha} is
detected otherwise in the disc, which is not surprising for an SAB(r)a galaxy.
Our H{alpha} map is very similar to the one found in GOLD Mine (Gavazzi et al.
2003). Because H{alpha} emission is only detected in the very central area of
the optical disc, we use the photometric inclination (56^deg^) rather than the
kinematical one (34^deg^). Indeed the kinematical inclination is based only on
the inner ring which is supposed to be circular, thus biasing the inclination
determination. Our H{alpha} rotation curve shows a slowly decreasing plateau
starting at ~220 km s^-1^ and ~2 kpc, corresponding to the tip of the bar. The
core of the galaxy exhibits two different velocity components, one at ~1920 km
s^-1^ and another one at ~2000 km s^-1^. No H I velocity field is available. The
width of the H I profile at 20 per cent (337 km s^-1^, Springob et al. 2 005) is
in agreement with our H{alpha} velocity field amplitude, confirming that we
actually reach the maximum of the velocity rotation although our H{alpha}
rotation curve is far from reaching the optical radius (D_25_/2).

2. 2001AJ....121.2483U
Re:NGC 4045
NGC 4045. - Stars are forming in the nuclear region and on a ring. The
[N II]/H{alpha} is rather enhanced in the nuclear region, and reaches to
the fiducial value in the outer regions. On the other hand, the
[S II]/H{alpha} is typical of H II regions, and [O I] is not detected. So
we interpret the enhancement of [N II] as the overabundance of this element
(see the discussion in section 3.3). The nuclear spectrum is shown in
Figure 1c. H{beta} is seen in absorption, and a deep absorption line of
Na D {lambda}5893 A is also seen. Spectral features of this galaxy resemble
those of NGC 3147 and NGC 3627, both of which are Sb galaxies observed by
Kennicutt (1992).

3. 1998AJ....116.2166U
Re:NGC 4045
In the R-band image, the outer envelope is rather oval, but the inner
ring is almost circular. The inner ring is also traceable in H{alpha}
emission. The brightest H II region is at the galactic center.
NGC 4045A (cz = 5329 km s^-1^), which appears on the southern edge of
this image, does not have a physical relation with the galaxy.

4. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4045
= Holm 320a
Pair with NGC 4045A at 1.6 arcmin

5. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07021
SAB(r)a (de Vaucouleurs)
Paired with 12 00.2 +02 14 at 1.5, 179, 0.6 x 0.2, m=15.2

6. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4045
= Holm 320a
Pair with an anonymous galaxy (= Holm 320b) at 1.6 arcmin.
Very small, very bright nucleus. Weak bar. Incomplete (r): 0.57 arcmin x
0.53 arcmin. Faint outer arms form pseudo (R): 1.7 arcmin x - .
Heidelberg Veroff. Vol. 9, 1926 and HA 88, 4 dimensions are for the bright
part only. Lund 6 minor-axis dimension (2.5 arcmin) is an error.

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