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Notes for object NGC 4074

3 note(s) found in NED.

1. 1999ApJS..120..209N
Re:NGC 4074
NGC 4074 (type 2; Fig. 10) - A Gaussian deconvolution of the 20cm
source suggests that it is unresolved, but the contours appear to have
an extension in P.A. ~-45^deg^. The source is weak at 3.6cm, but a
Gaussian deconvolution suggests an elongation in P.A. 131^deg^. The
extension in the 3.6cm source appears in both uniformly and naturally
weighted maps and is in the same direction as the extension seen in the
20cm map. We therefore list this source as "S," with a radio P.A. of
131^deg^. There is a confusing source ~6.7' away. This galaxy is not
listed in RC3, UGC, or ESO. We used second-generation DSS images to
measure a major axis P.A. of 127^deg^ at an extent of 1.1' x 0.9'.

2. 1996ApJS..102..309M
Re:NGC 4074
Only a small fraction of the [O III] and H{alpha} emission in this galaxy
appears to be extended. Both lines have a `halo'-like morphology, with the peak
emission offset ~ 1" (630 pc) to the south-southeast of the green continuum

3. 1975ByuO...47....1A
Re:ARK 347
(= NGC 4074)
Compact very red object with faint elliptical envelope.

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