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Notes for object NGC 4163

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1. 2009A&A...493..871S
Re:UGC 07199
UGC 7199 has little H I and is poorly resolved by the 30" beam. No rotation
curve could be derived.

2. 2006AJ....131.1361K
Re:NGC 4163
NGC 4163: This is another blue compact galaxy in the CVn I cloud. Its old
distance, 3.6 Mpc, was estimated by Tikhonov & Karachentsev (1998) from
the brightest stars. Our new estimate of 2.96 Mpc from the TRGB places
NGC 4163 at the nearby edge of the CVn I cloud, which makes it the
second-nearest blue compact dwarf (BCD) galaxy.

3. 2000AJ....120.2975S
Re:NGC 4163
NGC 4163 (Fig. 24)-NGC 4163 has a well-resolved H I distribution
with two areas of concentration and a slight, hooked "tail" extending
from the southwest part of the distribution up to the west and slightly
north. The narrow Gaussian profile indicates a low rotation velocity,
and the velocity dispersion is low as well (about 7 km s^-1^). The
velocity map shows shallow gradients across both of the H I
concentrations, each of which has a slightly different average velocity;
they may be rotating about each other in some sense. The optical
distribution appears to be essentially round in shape, with two optical
knots located in the north part of the optical emission. The H I
distribution overlies the optical, but the H I concentrations do not
appear to coincide with any noteworthy optical features. The H I tail in
the southwest does not appear to have any optical counterpart in this

4. 2000A&AS..141..211B
Re:UGC 07199
UGC 7199: knotty irregular with a central blue light excess. Exponential
outer SBP shape, with a flat color profile outside the blue center.

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