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Notes for object IC 0779

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1. 2007ApJ...668..130C
Re:UGC 07369
UGC 7369.-Data are consistent with a metallicity in the range 0.004
<= Z <= 0.01, and ages typically t >~ 9 Gyr. A nonnegligible preference on a
metallicity gradient is recognizable, with outer regions being more metal poor
than the inner ones.

2. 2006AJ....131.1361K
Re:IC 0779
IC 779, UGC 7369: This is a lenticular galaxy with a semistellar nucleus.
Despite its low radial velocity, VLG = 198 km s^-1^, IC 779 does not look
to be a nearby object. For this reason it was excluded from the local
volume (LV) galaxies (see Table 3 in the CNG; Karachentsev et al. 2004).
The distribution of the resolved red stars over the ACS area reveals that
most are concentrated within the main optical boundary of the galaxy. The
CMD of IC 779 in Figure 5 shows what might be an upper part of the RGB
with the TRGB position at I ~ 26.3 mag. Alternatively, these stars might
be part of the asymptotic giant branch (AGB). From its position on the
sky, it is suspected that this galaxy is a member of the Coma I group.
Assuming we are picking up the TRGB, the derived distance to IC 779 is
11.6 Mpc. The plausible association with the Coma I group would place the
galaxy at 16 Mpc (Tonry et al. 2001), where the TRGB would be lost at the
I ~ 27 limit of our observations. This ambiguity created by AGB
populations demonstrates the breakdown of the TRGB method near the
photometric limit. In the case of single-orbit observations with ACS of
galaxies with young populations, the limit of reliable TRGB measurements
is ~10 Mpc.

3. 2000A&AS..141..211B
Re:UGC 07369
UGC 7369: is a smooth, elliptically shaped galaxy, with a bright
nucleus. It has a shallow color profile, becoming redder with radius,
and a slightly blue nucleus. It is classified in the RC3 as an
elliptical, but at v_hel_ = 333 km s^-1^ it could be a dwarf elliptical.
Its SBP is close to exponential.

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07369
Companion 3.1, 15, 0.35 x 0.25

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