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Notes for object IC 3203

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1. 2008A&A...488..523H
Re:IC 3203
IC 3203. van den Bergh et al. (2003) classified this galaxy as S0: but noted, as
for IC 2461, that it is viewed edge-on and therefore has a somewhat uncertain
classification. In both the ASC and NED it is reported as Sb. In the Gold Mine
Database (e.g., Gavazzi et al. 2006) it is described as an Sb galaxy with
emission line spectra. This galaxy is included in the catalog of 2MASS-selected
flat disk-like galaxies (Mitronova et al. 2004) under the name of 2MFGC9726.
According to Paturel et al. (2003) it is an HI object. Our imaging study
confirms the Sb morphological type for this galaxy. SN2003ac, confirmed to be a
rare SN IIb (Filippenko & Chornock 2003b), is located in the outer parts of the

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