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Notes for object NGC 4325

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1. 2009ApJ...693.1142S
Re:NGC 4325
NGC 4325 has a luminous cooling core. NGC 4325 was studied by G07, who also
analyzed an XMM-Newton observation. The explored radial range in spectral
analysis is similar in both work (228 kpc vs. 232 kpc in our work). Our
temperature profile agrees well with that derived by G07. Our c_500_, M_2500_,
and f_gas,2500_ are consistent with G07's within 1{sigma} errors.

2. 2001AJ....121..808C
Re:NGC 4325
NGC 4325. - The color map reveals dust near the galaxy center.

3. 1996ApJS..105...75C
Re:NGC 4325
4.1.8. NGC 4325 (IC 3098)
No extended minor axis emission is apparent in our H{alpha} + [N II] image
(Fig. 1h) of NGC 4235. ELRs are noticeable extending from the nucleus out along
the major axis, especially to the northeast (see also Pogge 1989). We did not
find double-peaked line profiles or any evidence for ELRs extending out of the
disk in our minor axis-spectra. Radio continuum maps of the nuclear region
(Ulvestad & Wilson 1989) are unresolved or very slightly resolved. No extended
emission was noticed by Hummel, Beck, & Dettmar (1991) in their large-scale
radio map.

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