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Notes for object NGC 4369

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1. 2006MNRAS.369..529F
Re:NGC 4369
NGC 4369 is a low-inclined galaxy that shows a small rotational velocity
amplitude in our stellar velocity field. The stellar kinematics are
significantly affected by dust, as seen from the patchiness of the velocity
dispersion map. The ionized-gas flux maps show evidence for two star-forming
regions at both sides of the galactic centre (Usui, Saito & Tomita 1998). The [O
III]/H{beta} map displays overall very low values. Near-infrared surface
photometry of this galaxy is presented in Peletier et al. (1999), and H{alpha}
imaging can be found in Hameed & Devereux (2005).

2. 2005A&A...442..137N
Re:UGC 07489
UGC 7489 (NGC 4369) has the smallest H I disk, relative to its optical diameter,
of all galaxies in our sample (D_HI_/D_25_^B,c^ = 0.86), with the exception of a
few interacting systems or galaxies where the H I or optical radii are not well
defined (e.g. UGC 5559 or 10448). In the optical image, very weak spiral
structure and dust absorption can be seen at the locations of the H I emission.

3. 2001AJ....121.2483U
Re:NGC 4369
NGC 4369. - This galaxy is rather face-on, and the velocity range is
very narrow, about 40 km s^-1^. Both the [N II]/H{alpha} and
[S II]/H{alpha} are almost flat and have the fiducial values of disk
H II regions.

4. 2000ApJS..129...93F
Re:NGC 4369
NGC 4369 (Mrk 439). - We detect 3.8 mJy of low surface brightness
disk emission associated with this H II nucleus. On the basis of widely
different NVSS and FIRST detections (24.3 vs. 4.67 mJy), this disk
emission must extend over tens of arcseconds. The Condon et al. (1990)
1.49 GHz image, at 15" resolution, shows an 18.3 mJy source with
extended emission to the east.

5. 1998AJ....116.2166U
Re:NGC 4369
The R-band image is featureless. Two discrete H II regions are resolved
around the galactic center, but the galactic center itself is faint in
H{alpha} emission.

6. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4369
March 5/6, 1948
30 min
The spiral pattern in NGC 4369 is not well
traced in the high-surface-brightness central
region of this small, almost irregular spiral. The
redshift of NGC 4369 is v_o = 1069 km/s.

7. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07489
(R)SA(rs)a (de Vaucouleurs)

8. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4369
Very bright, complex center: 0.45 arcmin x 0.4 arcmin with spiral arms and
dark lane. Faint outer arms and faint (R): 1.4 arcmin x 1.4 arcmin.

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