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Notes for object NGC 4377

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1. 2006ApJS..164..334F
Re:VCC 0778
VCC 778 (NGC 4377).There are three small spiral galaxies at approximately 17",
19" and 31" from the center of VCC 788; the largest galaxy is approximately 11"
across. The three galaxies are aligned approximately in the east-west direction;
there is no obvious isophotal disturbance in VCC 778 at the radius where these
galaxies are, and therefore the three spirals are probably part of a background
group. All three galaxies were masked in fitting the isophotal parameters. This
galaxy shows the same features seen in VCC 784: at radii between approximately
3.5" and 8", the isophotes twist, the ellipticity, the B4 and, especially, the
A4 coefficients jump, as due to the presence of a misaligned bar (the
misalignment here is about 20^deg^), producing "diamond" shaped isophotes. The
bar is not directly visible in the individual frames but produces a
discontinuity in the surface brightness profile.

2. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4377
VCC 778
Feb 22/23, 1979
103aO + Wr2c
45 min
The bright galaxy of this apparent quartet
has an S0_1_ morphology with two principal
luminosity zones, based on visual inspection of
photographic plates. At this writing (c. 1990),
the individual redshifts of the companions are
unknown. The angular separation of the three
companion E galaxies from NGC 4377 are 33",
20", and 20". The lack of signs of tidal interaction
or distortion of the classical S0_1_ luminosity
profile in NGC 4377 might suggest that no
merger is occurring and that the quartet may be
a projection coincidence. Individual redshifts are
If all four galaxies are at the same redshift
distance of NGC 4377 (v_o = 1227 km/s) of 24
Mpc (H = 50), the projected linear separations of
the companions from the main galaxy are very
small at 4 kpc, 2.3 kpc, and 2.3 kpc.

3. 1994A&AS..105..481M
Re:NGC 4377
NGC 4377: An S0 with a twist of some 20^deg^ strongly suggesting a bar.
The available frames are of insufficient resolution for such a small object.

4. 1985AJ.....90.1681B
Re:VCC 0778
Double galaxy according to CGCG, or rather triple as stated in Zwicky
(1971) where the whole system is defined as III Zw 65 = NGC 4377 + two
close companions. The "companions" are probably in the background and
are not included in the catalogue.

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4377
= III Zw 065
No, 1, 2 are faint compacts
No. 2, 3 are 25 arcsec west and 15 arcsec north-east
m{_pg} = 16.8, 16.9.
Ap. J., 146, 28, 1966.

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07501
III Zw 65
SA0- (de Vaucouleurs)
`Group of 3. No. 1, NGC 4377, red E with compact elliptical disk... v = 1330.
No. 2, 25" preceding No. 1, neutral elliptical compact, m_p_ = 16.8. No. 3,
15" north-following No. 1, neutral elliptical compact, m_p_ = 16.9' (CGPG)
`...Elliptical galaxy 50" x 40" = 4.0 x 3.4 kpc with a fainter companion
15" = 1.3 kpc from its center. The companion has a diameter of 7" = 0.6
kpc. The redshift given is for the brighter component.' (Sargent)

7. 1971CGPG..C...0000Z
Re:CGPG 1222.7+1502 NED01
III Zw 065 NOTES01
In a group of three.
NGC 4377
Red elliptical with compact elliptical disc.
Spectrum: Absorption. H, K.
= +1,330 km/sec.
m(pg) = 12.5

8. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4377
Small, very bright nucleus. Smooth lens. One very small galaxy visible
through the lens, another through the envelope.

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