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Notes for object NGC 4448

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1. 2012ApJ...754...67F
Re:NGC 4448
NGC 4448 .SBR2..-Fisher & Drory (2010) note a mild spiral structure that extends
into the center and classify it as a pseudobulge. The major axis rotational
velocity starts to flatten out at about 5"-just inside of the bulge radius of
8.5". Outside of 5" the velocity profile exhibits a weak shelf. The velocity
dispersion is mostly constant at a value of ~=115 km s^-1^ at all radii covered
by our data. The h_3_ moments are somewhat asymmetric, close to zero at positive
radii but vary strongly at negative radii. The h_4_ moments scatter about zero
in the bulge region with a few outliers at -0.05.

2. 2002ApJS..143...73E
Re:NGC 4448
NGC 4448.---SB(r)a: Very elliptical bulge, threaded by a prominent bar
that is nearly perpendicular to the bulge major axis. Two-armed spiral
pattern, with arms beginning at the ends of the bar. Arms are very
tightly wrapped, forming a compete inner pseudoring. System is close
to edge-on and shows evidence for a dust lane along the north side
(galaxy major axis is very close to E-W). Both arms bifurcate after
only ~30deg, with the inner, HSB portions forming the pseudoring. The
outer arms are much lower surface brightness but can still be traced
for ~180deg before fading.

3. 2002AJ....124..675C
Re:UGC 07591
NVSS source just below the catalog limit.

4. 1998PASJ...50..427S
Re:NGC 4448
NGC 4448: A compact nuclear component is found in the H{alpha} and
[N II] PV diagrams, indicating a steeply rising rotation velocity. The
H{alpha} line appears to be superposed by a broad absorption feature,
which may result in a narrower velocity dispersion of H{alpha} than
[N II]. The [N II] nuclear component shows a faster rotating feature
than H{alpha}. The disk part is rather weak, with both H{alpha} and
[N II] lines showing a flat rotation.

5. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4448
Feb 3/4, 1981
2 min
NGC 4448 has the same pattern as NGC
3900, above, but is still later along the Sa
section, The galaxy would look very much like NGC
2775 (Hubble Atlas, p. 10; panels 78, 87, 512
here) if it were viewed more face on. The SBab(r)
type listed in the RC2, based on a Mount Wilson
100-inch plate, is inappropriate because there is
no bar on that plate or on several 200-inch
plates, one of which is used for the print showing,
the bulge region here.

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07591
SB(r)ab (de Vaucouleurs), Sb- (Holmberg)
Several galaxies in vicinity

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4448
Bright, diffuse nucleus in a bright foreshortened bar with dark lanes.
(r): 1.0 arcmin x 0.5 arcmin. 2 main, regular arms with a dark lane on one

8. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 4448
Spiral 3' x 1' in p.a. 90^deg^; 'nucleus moderately bright; whorls are vague and
indistinct; absorption effect on southern side. '

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