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Notes for object NGC 4452

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1. 2006ApJS..164..334F
Re:VCC 1125
VCC 1125 (NGC 4452).This galaxy is an edge-on S0. There seem to be four separate
components: a resolved nucleus, an inner, thin stellar disk, confined within 2"
from the center, a "middle" thicker, stellar disk, extending out to distances of
about 17" from the center, and an outer, thinner stellar disk, which is highly
flattened. An inner bulge seems to be almost an extension of the middle disk.
The smaller inner disk is bluer in color than the outer disks; there is no
appreciable color difference between the middle and the outer disk and the bulge
of the galaxy. The presence of the nucleus is very clear from the surface
brightness profile.

2. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4452
VCC 1125
Jan 30/31, 1979
103aO + Wr2c
50 min
NGC 4452 has the classic features of an S0
on edge, similar to NGC 4762 on the next panel.
The very-high-surface-brightness inner disk has
a sharp edge beyond which, as in NGC 4762, a
flattened, very-low-surface-brightness extension
The Sa classification listed in the RC2,
based on 48-inch Palomar paper prints, is not
supported here.

3. 1994A&AS..105..481M
Re:NGC 4452
NGC 4452: This quite edge-on galaxy is slightly S-shaped. The twist
and associated f_4_ deviation are restricted to the outer isophotes, at
l > 40 arcsec. This is why the envelope may be a warped thick disk as in
NGC 4762. The outer pattern is not likely to be spiral structure in a
normal disk because the galaxy is probably too inclined to see this:
hence we do not follow the Sa classification of the RC2. It is also
different from the cases of " f_4_ asymmetry" described in Paper I and
attributed to a tilt of the disk against the spheroid.

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07601
See UGC 07589

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