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Notes for object NGC 4458

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1. 2007MNRAS.377..759S
Re:NGC 4458
NGC 4458: this low luminosity galaxy, situated in the Virgo cluster, also shows
a nuclear stellar disc consistent with the presence of a central fast-rotating
component in the stellar velocity field (Morelli et al. 2004) and a hot
kinematically decoupled core. The cold central disc of NGC 4458 does not show
any difference in terms of stellar population with the main body of the galaxy
(Morelli et al. 2004). The galaxy shows deviations from the r^1/4^ law in their
outskirts (Michard 1985; Prugniel, Nieto & Simien 1987; Peletier et al. 1990),
which have been explained as a result of tidal interaction with NGC 4461 and

2. 2006MNRAS.369..497K
Re:NGC 4458
This galaxy with a KDC (see Paper III) shows line strength gradients consistent
with the isophotes. The region of the KDC is inconspicuous in the H{beta} map
(see also Morelli et al. 2004).

3. 2006MNRAS.366.1151S
Re:NGC 4458
This galaxy displays only fragmented traces of emission, in particular close to
the centre. The HST unsharp image reveals a nuclear disc (Morelli et al. 2004),
consistent with the presence of a central fast-rotating component in the stellar
velocity field.

4. 2006ApJS..164..334F
Re:VCC 1146
VCC 1146 (NGC 4458).The innermost isophotes appear quite disky, as reflected in
the negative B4 coefficient in the inner 0.2". The ellipticity increases
steadily toward the center. The galaxy hosts a large, bright nucleus.

5. 2006ApJ...639...95P
Re:VCC 1146
VCC 1146/NGC 4458.This galaxy is unique in the sample in that its GC system is
dominated by a single red peak of GCs. The red GC fraction of 0.84 estimated by
KMM is not only much larger than the value of 0.3 expected for a galaxy of this
luminosity, but is much higher than the 0.6 fraction seen in the giant

6. 2004MNRAS.352..721E
Re:NGC 4458
NGC 4458: The KDC is clearly visible in the SAURON velocity map of this
galaxy (see Halliday et al. 2001), and the velocity outside 5 arcsec is
consistent with being equal to zero.

7. 2001MNRAS.326..473H
Re:NGC 4458
A8 NGC 4458
NGC 4458 is a member of the Virgo cluster and is classified as an E0
intermediate elliptical galaxy in RC3. Studied by L95, its ellipticity was
measured to decrease from a value of ~0.5 at r ~ 0.50 arcsec to close to
zero at r ~ 7.5 arcsec.
Our velocity measurements along the major axis show a clear signature of
a KDC within |r| < 5 arcsec and a maximum rotation speed of ~30 km s^-1^
(see Fig. A8). At radii |r| > 5 arcsec we do not detect any significant
rotation. The profiles for both h_3_ and h_4_ are very unusual and change
sharply between independent points. h_4_ is measured to be slightly
negative close to the galaxy centre for both axes. For radii in the
direction of the observation PA, h_3_ is positive for the major axis and
the minor axis outside the galaxy centre, and is slightly negative for
small negative radii on the major axis.

8. 1994A&AS..106..199C
Re:NGC 4458
NGC 4458. This galaxy has a close companion, but exhibits a small twist
of the isophotes and small variation of the ellipticity.

9. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4458
= Holm 411b
Non-interacting pair with NGC 4461 at 3.7 arcmin
Astrofizika, 1, 38, 1965.
Ap. J., 146, 28, 1966.
Observatory, 88, 239, 1968.

10. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07610
E0-1 (de Vaucouleurs)
Paired with UGC 07613 at 3.7, 160
See UGC 07494

11. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4458
= Holm 411b
Non-interacting pair with NGC 4461 at 3.7 arcmin.
(B-V) source H rejected.

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