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Notes for object NGC 4571

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1. 2006MNRAS.366..812C
Re:NGC 4571
This almost face-on galaxy has a very patchy distribution of H II regions. The
interference filter unfortunately cuts part of the emission in the NE region.
The 21-cm data show an H I distribution well confined in the optical disc
boundaries (van der Hulst et al. 1987). The H{alpha} kinematics is in agreement
with the H I data and presents a slightly perturbed velocity field.

2. 2003PASJ...55...17S
Re:NGC 4571
6.12 NGC 4571 No significant detection of the CO line was obtained for
this galaxy, not only in channel maps, but also in an
integrated-intensity map. Our resultant rms was 11.5K kms ^-1^ for a
130 kms ^-1^ width, that is greater than 3.3K kms ^-1^ from single dish
observations (Table 1). Since the map shows only noise, we do not
present the result.

3. 2002ApJS..143...73E
Re:NGC 4571
NGC 4571.---Scd (type example---see Fig. 3h): Large, centrally
condensed, circular bulge embedded in an inner lens. There is a faint
two-armed spiral pattern emerging from the lens. The inner arms are
fairly well defined. The arm beginning in the south is well defined for
150deg and then becomes very faint and diffuse. The diffuse
continuation can be followed for another ~150deg. The north arm is well
defined for ~270deg but has several abrupt kinks. Beyond this, it
becomes diffuse and can be traced for another ~90deg.

4. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4571
VCC 1696
Feb 4/5, 1979
103aO + Wr2c
50 min
NGC 4571 is an Sc galaxy in the Virgo
Cluster whose potential for significant resolution
into individual stars and HII regions from the
ground is good, owing to the low surface brightness
of the disk and the openness of the spiral
The arm pattern resembles M101 but is of
lower surface brightness. It is similar to but later
than that in the prototype multiple-armed spiral
NGC 488 (Sab; panels 115, 116, S3, S12).
NGC 4571 is in the northeastern part of the
Virgo Cluster region, about 2.5^deg^ from the core of
Virgo subcluster A associated with NGC 4486.
Its redshift is v_o = 342 km/s, which differs from
the cluster mean of = 976 km/s, presumably
because of the large internal velocity dispersion
of the Cluster and/or the streaming motions
of the system of Virgo spirals relative to the Virgo
core ellipticals. Spirals may be falling into the
older cluster core, composed of ellipticals and dE

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4571
= IC 3588
Non-interacting pair with NGC 4548 at 27 arcmin

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 07788
SA(r)cd: (de Vaucouleurs)
Sc+ (Holmberg)
Companion 4.6, 314, 0.25 x 0.25

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4571
= IC 3588
Very small, not very bright nucleus. Pseudo (r): 0.47 arcmin x 0.4 arcmin.
Many weak, partially resolved, filamentary arms.
Non-interacting pair with NGC 4548 at 27 arcmin.
Heidelberg Veroff. Vol. 9, 1926 dimensions are for the bright part only.

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