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Notes for object MCG -02-33-038

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1. 2005AJ....129.1832G
Re:MCG -02-33-038
MCG -2-33-38
The surface brightness profile (Fig. 2) follows an r^1/4^ law,
suggesting that the galaxy is a bona fide elliptical. The shape
profile is irregular, while the position angle profile does not show
significant variations outside 2". The spectrum is consistent with
that of an early-type galaxy but displays unambiguous indications of
nuclear activity. Using the data given in Table 4 and the diagnostic
diagrams proposed by Veilleux & Osterbrock (1987), the galaxy nucleus
is located in the region occupied by active galactic nuclei (AGNs).
Strong [O III], [N II], and [S II] emission combined with
comparatively weak but broad H{alpha} emission (Fig. 8) suggest an
intermediate Seyfert type classification (log[O III]/H{beta} = 0.66,
log[N II]/H{alpha} = -0.02, log[S II]/H{alpha} = -0.26, Sy type 1.9).
The model-subtracted image (Fig. 5) shows the presence of an extended
dust lane that could be the cause of the b3 variation in the range
5" <= r <= 16".

2. 1968MCG4..C...0000V
Re:MCG -02-33-037
This is a member of a group including
MCG -02-33-035, MCG -02-33-036, and MCG -02-33-038
and their companions:
N [18 mag] 1.5 arcmin to the west
[18 mag] 0.5 arcmin to the southeast

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