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Notes for object NGC 4754

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1. 2006ApJS..164..334F
Re:VCC 2092
VCC 2092 (NGC 4754).This galaxy has two morphologically distinct components: the
main body, which appears quite regular, and a misaligned (by about 45^deg^) bar,
extending out to 25" from the center. A faint nucleus is likely present.

2. 2005MNRAS.364..283E
Re:NGC 4754
NGC 4754. All measurements from WIYN R-band images, except that the outer-disc
scalelength was determined from the R-band image of Frei et al. (1996), due to
strong background variations in the WIYN image.

3. 2004A&A...415..941E
Re:NGC 4754
NGC 4754 (inner disk): Kormendy (1979); Shaw et al. (1995). All
measurements, including outer-disk orientation, are from WIYN R-band
images (Erwin et al. 2004); distance is from Tonry et al. (2001,
surface-brightness fluctuation). Unsharp masking suggests that the inner
disk is probably an inner bar.

4. 1997AJ....113..950F
Re:NGC 4754
NGC 4754. This barred S0 displays a high-speed tail to the LOSVD beyond 10".

5. 1997A&AS..124...61B
Re:NGC 4754
This barred S0 is classified SB0(r)- in RC3 and SB0_1_(s) in RSA. The bar is
not very strong and is confined in the inner regions of the bulge of the
galaxy. The kinematics along the major and minor axes of the bar in this galaxy
has been studied by Jarvis et al. (1988). They found a velocity gradient of
100 km s^-1^ along both axes. Our data along PA=141^deg^ (bar major axis) are
in good agreement.

6. 1996ApJ...459..110F
Re:NGC 4754
NGC 4754
NGC 4754 contains a prominent bar, misaligned ~ 40" with respect to the major
axis. Although the major- and minor-axis Mg and Fe line strength profiles are
similar, the minor-axis H{beta} strength drops measurably for r > 15".

7. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 4754
VCC 2092
April 15/16, 1923
Seed 30
135 min
NGC 4754 forms a wide pair with NGC
4762 (S0_1_ panel 37), at an angular separation
of 10.7'. The pair is in the far eastern part of the
surveyed Virgo Cluster region (Binggeli,
Sandage, and Tammann 1985).
NGC 4754 is classed as SB0 because the
major axis of the central high-surface-brightness
bulge is nearly at right angles to the major axis
of the extensive faint outer envelope, which we
take to be the disk in projection. This envelope is
of low surface brightness, and is seen most easily
on the print here by viewing from a distance and
moving the head or the eyes rapidly. The central
region, at right angles to the envelope, is here
called the bar. In the orientation of this print, its
major axis is directed from lower left to upper

8. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4754
= Holm 478b
= Kara[72] 356a
Non-interacting pair with NGC 4762 at 10.5 arcmin

9. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 08010
SB(r)0-: (de Vaucouleurs), S0 (Holmberg)
UGC 08016 at 10.6, 119

10. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 4754
= Holm 478b
Very bright diffuse nucleus on a faint bar: 0.7 arcmin x 0.3 arcmin, with
traces of blobs. Bright part or lens: 0.85 arcmin x 0.7 arcmin.
Lund 6 second set of dimensions (0.7 arcmin x 0.7 arcmin) are for the lens only.
Non-interacting pair with NGC 4762 at 10.5 arcmin.
Ap. J., 132, 306, 1960.

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