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Notes for object ESO 323- G 032

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1. 2009A&A...502..457G
Re:ESO 323- G 032
A.1.6 ESO 323-G032 This source is classified as a Sy 1.9 in the catalog of
Veron-Cetty & Veron (2001). The only reliable published X-ray measurements
happen to be the INTEGRAL observations of Bird et al. (2007), who find F_20-40_
= 6.81 X 10^-12^ and F_40-100_ = 1.51 x 10^-11^ erg s^-1^ cm^-2^. In the absence
of other information, we parametrize this with a simple PL, {GAMMA} ~ 1.2, which
extrapolates to F_2-10_ = 3.7 x 10^-12^ erg s^-1^ cm^-2^, or L_2-10_ = 2.0 x
10^42^ erg s^-1^. One could also predict the 2-10 keV power based on forbidden
optical emission line measurements. Correcting the [O III] {lambda}5007 emission
line flux from Gu et al. (2006) for a small extinction factor from the same
paper, and using the type-1 relation from Panessa et al.
(2006), we get L_2-10_ ~ 3.3 x 10^42^ erg s^-1^.

2. 1996ApJS..102..309M
Our [O III] images of this object show a halo morphology with an extension to
the west of the nucleus. On small scales, the H{alpha} morphology is similar,
but there is an additional large-scale component not seen in [O III]. This
additional component consists of an amorphous extension approximately along
the direction of the galactic bar. Given the low excitation of the gas in this
extension, it is most likely ionized by young stars in the galaxy.

3. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 125033-4121.8
=ESO 323- G 32
in cluster

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