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Notes for object SN 1994ae

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1. 1997MNRAS.290..663B
Re:SN 1994ae
2.4 SN 1994ae
The day-175 NIR spectrum of SN 1994ae was acquired with the very recently
upgraded CGS4 with a 256x256 InSb array and the 75 line mm^-1^ grating, under
'shared risks' conditions. Owing to a technical probelm, we had to use a
1-pixel-wide slit (1.25 arcsec), which meant that the absolute fluxing was less
reliable than usual. The slit was placed east-west to minimize the gradient of
galaxy background light. The flux standard was HD 84800. The NIR spectrum is
shown in Fig. 2. We also obtained an optical spectrum of SN 1994ae at 89 d
using ISIS on the William Herschel Telescope (WHT). The flux standard was Feige
34. The optical spectrum is shown in Fig. 3 and is typical of a Type Ia SN at
this phase. Unfortunately, we were unable to acquire an optical spectrum more
closely contemporary with the IR observation.

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