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Notes for object MESSIER 005

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1. 2001A&A...368..137V
Re:NGC 5904
3.16 NGC 5904/M 5
In two short HRI observations of this cluster, no source is detected. I
therefore combine only the two longer HRI observations; ten sources are
detected in the resulting image, five (numbers 1-5 in Table 2) already
given by Hakala et al. (1997), and five new ones (6-10). One source may be
identified with a quasar, and one - as noted before on the basis of the
Aug 1994 observation by Hakala et al. (1997) - with the dwarf nova V 101.
(The position for V 101 listed in Table 2 is that given by Evstigneeva
et al. 1995; Hakala et al. 1997 and SIMBAD each give slightly different
coordinates.) The offset between the X-ray coordinates and the optical
coordinates is determined from the two identified sources, and the result
has been applied to give the coordinates listed in Table 2. Sources X1 and
X2 are also detected in the rather short PSPC observation, which doesn't
provide additional information. The upper limits given in Table 3 are for
a position in the core.

2. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 5904
Vol. VIII, Plate 52. M.,5. A beautiful, bright globular cluster; the main
portion is about 12' in diameter. 4 s.n.

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