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Notes for object NGC 6293

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1. 2001A&A...368..137V
Re:NGC 6293
3.25 NGC 6293
Two PSPC observations of the cataclysmic variable V 2051 Oph have this
cluster near the edge of the detector; a bright source about 10' from the
cluster prevents the determination of a useful upper limit. This bright
source has a countrate of about 2.5 cts s^-1^, and probably is identical
to 1RXS 170930.2-263927. The pointed observations, as well as the Survey,
indicate that the source is extended. Its spectrum is absorbed, all its
counts detected in channels 50-240, i.e. at energies >~ 0.5 keV. SIMBAD
gives IW Oph, also known as (Harvard Variable) HV 4409, as a possible
counterpart, whose nominal position - with 1' uncertainty - is compatible
with the X-ray source; however, inspection of the finding chart in Swope
(1932) shows that HV 4409 is too far from the X-ray position to be an
acceptable counterpart for the X-ray source.

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