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Notes for object SN 1995D

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1. 1997MNRAS.290..663B
Re:SN 1995D
2.5 SN 1995D
The day-92 NIR spectrum of SN 1995D was obtained with the same instrument
configuration as for SN 1994ae. The data were reduced in the usual way (see
above), using HD 77281 as the flux standard. A contemporary optical spectrum is
shown in Fig. 3. This spectrum is by courtesy of A. Filippenko and D. Leonard,
and was taken on day +96 with the Lick Observatory Shane 3-m telescope using
the cooled germanium spectrograph. The spectrum, which covers the 0.36-1.02
microns range, is typical of a Type Ia SN at this phase, showing an abundance
of singly and doubly ionized Co and Fe emission lines.

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