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Notes for object UGC 08320

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1. 2003A&A...398..467K
Re:UGC 08320
UGC 8320 = DDO 168. This irregular galaxy is located 14' away from UGC
8308, forming a probable pair of dwarf galaxies. Bresolin et al.
(1993), Hopp & Schulte-Ladbeck (1995), and Tikhonov & Karachentsev
(1998) have resolved it into stars and estimated its distance to be
3.3 Mpc, 3.9 Mpc, and 4.0 Mpc, respectively. The WFPC2 photometry
gives a TRGB magnitude corresponding to a distance of 4.33+-0.49 Mpc.
The derived TRGB distances of UGC 8320 and UGC 8308 agree with each
other within the uncertainties.

2. 2002A&A...389...42S
Re:DDO 168
DDO 168: Two very high HI column density regions
(N_HI_>6 x 10^21^ cm^-1^ ) occur near the center of the galaxy
at {alpha}=13h12m16.8s, {delta}=46^deg^11'0" and
{alpha}=13h12m15.8s, {delta}=46^deg^11'30". The position
angle of the velocity gradient changes over the disk by
approximately 20^deg^. The peculiar structure of DDO 168 is
not unique. Similar very-high column density regions combined
with twisted velocity fields have been observed in other
"amorphous galaxies'' such as NGC 1140 (Hunter et al. 1994)
and IZw 18 (Viallefond et al. 1987; Van Zee et al. 1998).
A detailed study of the mass distribution in DDO 168 was
performed by Broeils (1992).

3. 1999A&AS..137..337B
Re:DDO 168
DDO 168: shows an excess in its surface brightness profiles with respect
to a pure exponential at large radii as well as a deficit in the central
regions. Its colour profile displays a clear flattening from the point
at which the luminosity excess becomes visible in the profiles. But the
error envelopes are large at those points both in the radial profiles
and colour profiles. It is to be noted though that for this galaxy, the
measured sky counts after subtraction were marginally negative around
the galaxy. Therefore one should have seen a slight deficit in the outer
parts of the brightness profiles rather than an excess, if the
deviations were only due to the uncertainties.

4. 1996ApJ...473..117S
Re:DDO 168
DDO 168.--This is a dwarf with a small bar in the central regions. The MOND
rotation curve lies noticeably above the observed rotation curve in the inner
regions. This should not be given too much significance, because of the
possible effects of the bar or of beam smearing.

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:[RC2] A1312+46
= DDO 168
HI 21cm:
Astr. Ap., 34, 43, 1974.

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