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Notes for object IC 0860

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1. 1996A&AS..116..193C
Re:CGCG 130-023
CGCG 130-023 = IC860, a peculiar object where HI and OH absorptions have been
detected, has been previously observed in the CO(1-0) line by Kazes et al.
(1988) using the Nobeyama 45 m telescope (NRO). Their derived H_2_ mass is
5 10^8^ M_sun_ if we scale to our conversion factor. We find 7 10^8^ M_sun_, a
narrower line (174 km/s versus 270 km/s), and we do not see the blue CO wing
resent in the NRO spectrum, which is clearly more noisy than the KP one. Our
linewidth is in better agreement with the width of the HI absorption.

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