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Notes for object NGC 5051

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1. 2002ApJ...564..650C
Re:NGC 5051
4. IRAS 13135-2801 (NGC 5051) is an SA(rs)b galaxy with a nuclear
ring (Buta 1995). We detect a compact core in both polarizations at
the level of 2.2 mJy (10^3.75^ L_sun_). This is the only object with
a compact radio core that exhibits a deficit in radio flux, emitting
17% less radio flux than would be predicted from the FIR luminosity.
Optical spectra we have obtained show it to be a starburst or H II
galaxy. The low luminosity of the radio core, combined with the
optical spectroscopic classification, means that it is highly possible
that we have detected a complex of RSNe in this object rather than an
AGN (see Section 4.6 for further discussion).

2. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:NGC 5051
Plate 1469
Smooth arms.
Plate 1484
Overexposed center, smooth arms.
Plate 2347
Overexposed center (& bar?), bright (r): 0.55 x 0.30, smooth arms.

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