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Notes for object UM 559

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1. 1995ApJS...99..427T
Re:UM 559
UM 559; Figure 18
UM 559 is similar in HI morphology to many of the other objects in the
sample; a resolved extended HI structure surrounding a barely resolved
central HI column density peak. A companion appears to the southeast of
the HII galaxy, seemingly sharing an HI envelope with UM 559, but in fact
proving widely separated in velocity. Both UM 559 and UM 559A show velocity
fields that reflect ordered rotation. No optical images were obtained of
this system, although the HII galaxy is visible in the POSS, as well as
a linear object at the position of the HI companion. Both of these
optical images are extended along the same directions as the respective
kinematic major axes of the velocity fields.

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