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Notes for object NGC 5375

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1. 2008ApJ...679.1094T
Re:NGC 5375
NGC 5375 is a barred Sab galaxy that is not visibly disturbed in the optical.
There is a relatively faint galaxy, PGC 49623, with a comparable optical
redshift at ~4.6^'^ (~47 kpc) from NGC 5375. That galaxy was not detected in H
I. Instead, we detected the galaxy MAPS-NGP O-325-1536477 (as cataloged in the
NASA Extragalactic Database), which has no previously reported optical redshift
and is 9.4^'^ (~131 kpc) to the southeast of NGC 5375. At a spatial resolution
of ~20 kpc, the H I disk of NGC 5375 appears to be symmetric both spatially and
kinematically with no evidence for perturbations. The same also is true at a
spatial resolution of ~10 kpc (Fig. 26).

2. 2007AJ....134.2286H
Re:KIG 0605
CIG 605: The galaxy was classified as SB(r)ab (NED). The optical images show
multiple arms emanating from the endpoints of a bar. An inner ring oriented
along the major axis of the bar is also visible. Two bright knots at the
opposite sides of the bar are also seen in the composed JHK image. The total (B
- V) color is representative of SabSb types. We classify this galaxy as SB(r)b.

3. 2002ApJS..142..161P
Re:NGC 5375
5.11. NGC 5375. NGC 5375 (Fig. 27) has one gas-rich companion,
NGC 5375A, located to its southeast. We did not see any associated
optical emission with this companion, but NED lists an optical
source, MAPS-NGP O_325_1536477, without a known velocity, at the same
position. Its absolute magnitude, if at the same distance as NGC 5375,
is -13.6 mag. This source, however, does not quite line up with the
H I contours, so it may not be associated with NGC 5375. Although the
large beam size does not allow us to definitively claim that they are
unassociated. NGC 5375A's velocity field shows signatures of rotation.
NED lists an H II galaxy with a similar velocity to NGC 5375, WAS 81,
with an absolute magnitude of ~-17 mag, located 5' northeast of
NGC 5375. This galaxy was not obvious on our optical images. NGC 5375
itself does not show any strong signatures of a recent interaction in
our H I maps.

4. 2000PNAOJ...6....1M
Re:KUG 1354+294
Blue knotty arms with a red nucleus.

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