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Notes for object NGC 0522

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1. 2007MNRAS.378..594P
Re:NGC 0522
Our image has some residual structure in the flat-field which reaches the disc
on the SW(right) side at (R, z) = (+10 arcsec, -15 arcsec) and at (R, z) = (+60
arcsec, -30 arcsec) causing the unusually shaped contours. There is a galaxy
cluster in the background with an edge-on spiral galaxy superimposed at (R, z) =
(-13 arcsec, -17 arcsec) and another elliptical at (R, z) = (-60 arcsec, -20
arcsec). The major axis radial profile shows a clear broken exponential
behaviour with a very steep outer decline (dropping by ~=5 mag within ~=25
arcsec) on both sides, starting at R ~= +/-60 arcsec ({mu}_R_ ~= 21.5
mag/arcsec^2^). Even the edge-on profiles show clearly a decrease in the outer
slope with increasing z (see below). The galaxy is slightly asymmetric with the
NE(left) side shorter than the SW(right) side. The single disc fit by Pohlen
(2001) yields a vertical scaleheight of h_z_ = 4.3 arcsec, a radial scalelength
of h = 32.0 arcsec and an inclination of 87.5{degree}.
The face-on-equivalent profile of NGC 522 is well described as a Type II with
an inner shallow exponential (of h_in_ = 52.7 arcsec = 6.1h_out_) and an very
steep outer exponential (h_out_ = 8.7 arcsec) with an 'early' break at a radial
distance of R_br_ ~= 63 arcsec =1.2 h_in_ and a surface brightness of {mu}_br_ =
22.8R-mag arcsec^-2^.
The major axis profile is overall the flattest, so probably heavily affected
by the mid-plane dust. We find only a marginal increase in scalelength of ~=5
per cent between 0.9 and 3.1 times the mean vertical scaleheight (between 4 and
13 arcsec) in the inner region. The scalelength beyond the break in the outer
disc increases by a factor of 1.8 between 0 and 3.1h_z_.

2. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 00970
Companions 3.1, 52, 0.5 x 0.2; and 3.8, 70, 0.6 x 0.5, diffuse

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