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Notes for object NGC 5646

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1. 2005ApJ...619..105G
Re:[GWM2005] 09
5.1.3. Target 9: S_I_(WSRT) ~ 1.7 mJy
One of the brightest potential targets in the 0-2' survey region,
this WSRT source is identified with the disk galaxy NGC 5646 at
z ~ 0.03 (de Vries et al. 2002). This target is not detected with
VLBI at resolutions of 10-100 mas (6-60 pc). Figure 6 presents the
full-resolution image of the central NGC 5646 target region. Indeed,
for this source, several regions each spanning 6" (~3.6 kpc) on a
side, were placed across the extended WSRT source, in case luminous
supernovae (SNe) or supernova remnants (SNRs) might be detectable.
This VLBI nondetection, together with the fact that the WSRT emission
follows the optical isophotes (Morganti & Garrett 2002) and obeys the
FIR-radio correlation Condon et al. (2002), strongly supports a star
formation origin for this mJy WSRT source.

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