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Notes for object NGC 5666

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1. 1995A&A...297..643W
Re:NGC 5666
NGC 5666. This is an isolated low luminosity compact elliptical galaxy
with an extended HI disk (Lake et al. 1987) and extended diffuse radio
emission (Wrobel & Heeschen 1988). CO(J = 2-1) mission has been detected
by Gordon (1991) and Lees et al. 1991). We detect NGC 5666 in both the
J = 1-0 and J = 2-1 lines. The optical diameter is only 54". Hence, our
derived H_2_ mass of 6.8 x 10^8^ M_sun_ is only moderately underestimated
even if the molecular gas is spread over the optical extent of NGC 5666.

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