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Notes for object NGC 5740

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1. 2005MNRAS.364..283E
Re:NGC 5740
NGC 5740. Bar measurements are from near-IR images, due to strong dust
extinction in the R-band. The outer-disc scalelength, from fits to r< 100 arcsec
(this is another Type III profile, so the disc beyond that radius has a
shallower slope) agrees beautifully with Courteau's (1996)r-band h= 18.3 arcsec.

2. 1994CAG1..B...0000S
Re:NGC 5740
April 2/3, 1981
75 min
NGC 5740 forms a wide pair with NGC
5746 (Sb; panels 151, S11) at a separation of
18'. The redshifts are similar at v_o(5740) =
1490 km/s and v_o(5746) = 1638 km/s. At a
mean redshift distance of 31 Mpc, the projected
linear separation is 164 kpc, indicating a
probable association. The angular separation is
only three diameters of NGC 5746, the larger of the
HII regions exist in abundance in the arms
of NGC 5740. The largest resolve at about 2"

3. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 5740
= Kara[72] 434a
Non-interacting pair with NGC 5746 at 18 arcmin

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 09493
SAB(rs)b (de Vaucouleurs), Sb+ (Holmberg)
Paired with UGC 09499 at 18.4, 26

5. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 5740
Very bright nucleus. Weak bar. Pseudo (r): 0.7 arcmin x 0.4 arcmin. Several
branching arms. Poorly resolved.
Lund 9 dimensions are for the bright part only.
One aberrant value of (B-V) (source C) was rejected.
Non-interacting pair with NGC 5746 at 18 arcmin.
Ap. J., 46, 45, 1917.

6. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 5740
A compact, rather bright spiral 2' x 1.5' in p.a. 165^deg^. Bright nucleus; the
whorls are broad and unmarked by condensations.

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