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Notes for object NGC 5774

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1. 2008MNRAS.388..500E
Re:UGC 09576
UGC 9576 (NGC 5774). This galaxy is the companion of NGC 5775. There is a good
agreement between our H{alpha} map and that of James et al. (2004). Marquez et
al. (2002) derived a rotation curve from long-slit spectroscopy. However, their
slit was 20^deg^ away from the true kinematical major-axis, maybe explaining why
their rotation curve is more chaotic than ours. Our H{alpha} rotation curve is
much more symmetric and extends farther out. The width of the H I profile at 20
per cent (280 km s^-1^) from Springob et al. (2005) is almost twice our H{alpha}
velocity field amplitude, which is quite surprising since the shape of our
H{alpha} rotation curve suggests that we reach the maximum rotation velocity.
The value given by Springob et al. (2005) seems nevertheless suspicious as
Bottinelli et al. (1990) and Irwin (1994), respectively, found 152 and 179 km
s^-1^ (uncorrected for galaxy inclination) for the width of the H I profile at
20 per cent, which is quite compatible with our H{alpha} velocity field
amplitude. The detailed H I velocity field of the pair NGC 5774-NGC 5775 has
been observed at the VLA by Irwin (1994). Her velocity field and rotation curve
for NGC 5774 are in good agreement with our H{alpha} data and have about the
same spatial extension. She used the same method as ours to determine the
kinematical parameters and they are in very good agreement with ours.

2. 2005ApJS..157...59L
Re:NGC 5774
NGC 5774 is a face-on Sd spiral with bright blue knots in the arms at a distance
of 26.8 Mpc. ULX1 (IXO 84) is close to knotty features on a chain of knots
across the disk.

3. 2001A&A...379...54H
Re:KPG 440A
KPG440A. The galaxy is classified as SAB(rs)d and our (B-I) and
sharp/filtered images show a bright central bar and a multiple spiral
pattern with knotty structure all along the arms. We classify this galaxy
as SBcd. The (B-V)_T_^0^ colour is definitely bluer than that corresponding
to its morphological type. Our EE class is 6.

4. 2000PNAOJ...6....1M
Re:KUG 1451+037
Face-on spiral with bright blue knots in the outer arms; a pair with NGC 5775.

5. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 5774
= Holm 685b
= Kara[72] 440a
Pair with NGC 5775 at 4.5 arcmin.

6. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 09576
SAB(rs)d (de Vaucouleurs), Sc- (Holmberg)
Paired with UGC 09579 at 4.5, 123

7. 1964RC1...C...0000d
Re:NGC 5774
= Holm 685b
Short bright bar: 0.3 arcmin x 0.05 arcmin. No nucleus. 2 main, partially
resolved, filamentary, faint, branching arms.
Lund 6 and Lund 9 dimensions are much too small.
Non-interacting pair with NGC 5775 at 4.5 arcmin.

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