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Notes for object IC 0115

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1. 2005A&A...430..927G
Re:XBS J012654.3+191246
For this source, optically classified as "normal galaxy" (see Fig. 3),
the simple absorbed power law model gives a fit with strong residuals
and a best-fit slope too steep ({GAMMA}=4.6). If {GAMMA} is frozen to
the mean value observed in AGNs ({GAMMA}=1.9) then the fit is
unacceptable ({chi}^2^/{nu}=3.62, with 7 d.o.f.). A model containing
only a thermal component (with kT=0.69 keV) gives a better fit. In
particular, we have used the spectrum from hot diffuse gas based on
the model "mekal". As discussed in Sect. 4.1, this is a known
radiogalaxy. The X-ray luminosity derived from this source (3.5 x
10^40^ erg s^-1^) is within the typical range of X-ray luminosities
observed in low-power radiogalaxies (FR I, e.g. Fabbiano et al. 1984
and Fabbiano 1989).

2. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:IC 0115
= 4C 18.06
= PKS 0124+18
= MCG +03-04-039
In the cluster Abell 0195.

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