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Notes for object IC 4518

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1. 2006ApJ...638..642B
Re:IC 4518
IC 4518 (VV 780) - This Seyfert 2 galaxy (z = 0.016) was reported to be
detectable in a 700 ks observation in 2004 January on SN 1006 (Kalemci et
al. 2005). The source was detected with 8.7 sigma in the 20-40 keV band
with a photon index of GAMMA = 2.2 +- 0.4 and a flux of f_20-40 keV_ = 6.8
x 10^-12^ ergs cm^-2^ s^-1^. Note that in Tables 1 and 3 we refer to our
measurements, which are consistent with the values derived by Kalemci et
al. (2005).

2. 2002ApJS..143...47D
Re:IRAS 14544-4255
IRAS 14544-4255 (IC 4518).---This is a strongly interacting galaxy
pair, with a separation between the two galaxy nuclei of ~30". Both
galaxies contribute to the IRAS source. A strong tidal tail can be
observed extending northwest. This tail is not observed in the H{alpha}
image. The H{alpha} emission is strongly concentrated in the nuclei of
the galaxies, with weak features along the disk of the western galaxy,
and a small knot to the northeast of the eastern galaxy. IC 4518 has
been classified by Corbett et al. (2002b) as containing an AGN.

3. 1996ApJS..103...81C
Re:IC 4518
IC 4518A/B.--Interacting galaxy pair. VV 780.

4. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:IC 4518
IC 4518A,B
Plate 3984
Overall dimensions: [4.5: x 1.9:].

5. 1982ESOU..C...0000L
Re:ESO 145426-4255.8
=ESO 273-IG 12
strongly interacting

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