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Notes for object NGC 5935

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1. 2010ApJ...713..330X
Re:NGC 5935
J1528+4255 = I Zw 113. These two spiral galaxies show signs of
interaction. Most of the dust emission is found in the western component
(NGC 5934).

2. 2001A&A...378..370V
Re:NGC 5935
NGC 5934: our Nancay profile, with V_HI_ = 5731 km s^-1^ and
W_50_ = 131 km s^-1^, centered on this B_T_ 14.6 mag Sb spiral which has a
V_opt_ = 5603 +/- 33 km s^-1^, could in principle be confused with that of
two galaxies of about similar magnitude and optical diameter: NGC 5935, a
nearby (1.1' separation) B_T_ 15.1 mag Sb spiral having an optical redshift
of 5373 +/- 60 km s^-1^ (Falco et al. 1999), and PGC55173 (CGCG 222-012),
a B_T_ 15.5 mag Sb spiral at due north having no published optical
redshift. No published H I data are available for either of these objects.
The close NGC 5934/5 pair actually shows signs of interaction on the blue
POSS image, as the outer regions of NGC 5934 are turned towards NGC 5935,
which appears to have a faint, stubby tail pointing away from NGC 5934.
VLA continuum observations at 2 and 6 cm wavelength (Batuski et al. 1992)
detected NGC 5934 only; these authors classified it as an elliptical(?).
No optical emission lines were found in NGC 5934 (Sanduleak & Pesch 1987).

3. 1971CGPG..C...0000Z
Re:CGPG 1526.5+4306 NED02
I Zw 113 NOTES02
NGC 5935
In a post-eruptive interconnected pair with NGC 5934
of elliptical and patchy disc-like compacts.
m(pg) = 14.5 and 15.1 [CGCG]

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