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Notes for object SN 2001ci

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1. 2003PASP..115....1V
Re:SN 2001ci
3.13. SN 2001ci in NGC 3079
SN 2001ci was discovered on 2001 April 25 by LOTOSS
using KAIT (Swift, Li, & Filippenko 2001). Swift et al.
remarked on the low apparent luminosity of the SN.
Filippenko & Chornock (2001) identified it as an SN Ic, but
possibly extinguished by A_V_ ~ 5-6 mag. We measure from a
KAIT image a position of {alpha} = 10h01m57.21,
{delta} = +55deg41'14.0, with uncertainty +/-0.3". The host
galaxy was imaged on 2001 January 21 in F606W (560 s) by
GO-8597, and on 1999 March 4 by GO-7278 in F547M (320 s)
and F814W (140 s), all pre-SN observations. The stars on the
F606W mosaic were too faint for 2MASS, so we used a deep
Palomar V-band image to establish the astrometric grid, with
uncertainty +/-0.2", and total uncertainty +/-0.3". The host
was also imaged on 2001 December 9, well after discovery, in
F300W (~U; 800 s) by GO-9124, but the SN is not detected to
m_F300W_ >~ 23.5 mag. We show in Figure 20 the SN site on
the F814W WF3 chip. A hint of an object can be seen within
the error circle, but no star is detected by HSTphot to
V >~ 24.7, V-I <~ 1.8 mag, based on the F547M and F814W
images. The F606W limit is significantly deeper, at
V >~ 26.4 mag. Assuming the above range in extinction and a
distance of about 21 Mpc, the F606W limit corresponds to
M_V_^0^ >~ -10.2 to -11.2 mag. The color limit is
(V-I)^0^ <~ -0.2 to -0.6 mag.

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